Passivhaus Panel System (PHPS)

The Panel System (PHPS)

The Everhaus panel system can be used on any house build project irrespective of your individual design requirements.

PHPS is constructed by what is described as a modern method of manufacture’ is panelised off-site and assembled on site, which decreases overall project build times. Each house is individually designed in our factory and the cut and assembled walls, floors and roofs are precisely made in line with your architects requirements.

The Everhaus PHPS is designed to stringent passivhaus standards. Our standard wall section and roof section thickness provides a u value of 0.126W/(m2k) each. The building envelope is also constructed using the PHPS system , giving a continuous insulation layer around the house with all internal walls being made in light gauge steel.


Intermediate flooring is built with metal ecojoists to ensure that it meets the requirements for easy installation of your MVHR system. These floors are formed using our LGS metal floor deck , ready to add a 70mm concrete floor which is suitable for underfloor heating but additionally adds a thermal mass upstairs. Also using this method of floor construction also means that noise between floors is eliminated. Windows are supplied as triple glazed alu clad with an overall u value of 0.85W/(m2k). Available in a wide range of colours and inward or outward opening.
Designing for manufacture is key in ensuring that when we arrive on site to assemble the house everything fits perfectly and assembly is very quick and virtually no wastage.

Windows & Door OPtions

Door flexibility

The system is designed for maximum versatility, enabling seamless integration of doors of any type directly into the panels whilst maintaining the structure of the panel.

seamless Windows

Our panels are engineered with precision to accommodate a variety of window styles and sizes, from traditional casements to modern, large-scale glazings.

The Everhaus tripled glazed aluminium range is now available on all of our precision built projects.

Interior Cohesion

Our panel systems is ingeniously crafted to accommodate any interior finish, blending the best of both traditional and contemporary design approached. Central to our philosophy of ‘Panel, Interior, Cohesion’ is the ability to seamlessly integrate traditional finishing methods, such as plasterboards, with the structural advantages of modern panelised construction.

This unique capability ensures that our clients can opt for classic interior styles, enjoying the familiar textures and finishes that plasterboards and similar materials provide, whilst still benefiting from the efficiency and precision of our advanced panel system.

Roof System

The adoption of a roof system with high U-values offers a multitude of benefits, foremost among them being superior insulation and energy efficiency. Such a system ensures minimal heat loss during colder months and reduces heat gain in warmer seasons, leading to significant energy savings and a more comfortable living environment.

Additionally, the quick and efficient installation process of these roofing systems is a standout feature, drastically reducing construction time and labour costs. Another significant advantage of this roofing system is its compatibility with standard roofing tiles, allowing homeowners to choose from a variety of aesthetic finishes while maintaining the roof’s functional excellence.


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