Passivhaus Design

What is Passivhaus Design

Our build choices and the impact they have on the environment are becoming more and more of a factor in the type of construction process we decide to undertake. By using Passivhaus design specification, your home will not only stand the test of time, but will contribute to your net zero goals during the build and for many years to come.

Complying with Passivhaus standards our panels are a sustainable choice, creating highly energy efficient homes with a reduced building carbon footprint. Homes maintain a comfortable temperature without needing to use as much energy as a traditional build. Benefiting from lower carbon emissions, cleaner healthier air quality and lower maintenance costs.

Passivhaus buildings made with our panel system and internal floor/wall systems are expertly constructed, insulated and ventilated, so that they retain heat from the sun and the activities of their occupants. Due to this, they requiring very little additional heating or cooling and maintain a constant temperature, reducing overall energy costs.
Our systems are designed to work with a well constructed passive floor slab as well as triple glazed Aluclad windows. And of course a thermal bridge free design comes with the package. Before we leave site the system is air tested to ensure it is within Passivhaus air change requirements.

Benefits Of Choosing Everhaus Panels

Our panels meet the highest of industry standards and energy efficiency performance ratings

  • High quality thermal insulation throughout
  • Triple glazed Alucad windows
  • Tested airtight construction
  • Precision heat recovery ventilation system
  • Zero ‘thermal bridge’ design


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