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What thermopanel? Never heard of it.

Well, let’s fix that problem now!

Everhaus thermoprofile used in the frame of our factory houses is made of steel, produced through a special process that involves a very accurate and articulated cut along with the profile core (with an accuracy of 0.5 mm) and a zinc coating. Through this process, the thermal conductivity of the steel profile is reduced by 85%, compared to a traditional profile.

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Thanks to the use of the thermal break profile as the frame of the panel, a large part (83%) of the wall elements are made of mineral wool, ensuring better insulating properties than a wall panel built with a wooden frame.

The profile does not generate thermal bridges and allows airflow through the structure that allows the insulation to breathe (no condensation)

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It does not undergo deformations as a function of changes in temperature and humidity, and this makes the qualities of the thermal break profile similar to those of the concrete panels, being also much lighter than the wooden panels.

The properties of the thermal profile make it almost impossible for cracks to appear in the finished wall panels. Everhaus solution guarantees a constant temperature and clean air inside the room.

All our materials have CE marking in accordance with EN 13830.

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Our panels can be used as external infill walls and as load-bearing structural elements. The number of junctions limited to a minimum ensures a quick installation in the panel in a couple of hours. The equivalent thermal transmittance of the panel is equal to 0,15 W/m2K.

The realization of the wall elements in dry structures, subjected to constant quality control, guarantees that the elements are absolutely perfect, dry and of the highest quality.

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